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Nail Art Equipment (Nail drill machine)

Nail drill machine ? Nail art equipment
- Nail drill machine ? BNX1184
- over load protection function.
- Stable High quality, fashionable new machine.
- A built in hand-piece cradle and drill bit stand on control-box(cradle both sides).
- One-touch change of the driving direction for efficient operation.
- No noise vibration or heat after long hours of operation, ensuring smooth operation.
- Ergonomic design. Easy to grip and suitable to give low work fatigue.
- Useful hand-piece for nail file at beauty salon.
- CE, ISO9001 approved
- origin - Made in Korea, over 30years experienced manufacturer

- Product details
Hand piece
Item No. BNX1184
Hand piece dimension L143XD25MM
Max R.P.M 30,000RPM
Hand piece weight 180Gram
Chuck size 2.35mm
Remark- Good grip feeling Very stable operation ability
Control box
Item No BNX1184
Control box dimension 140(W)X155(D)X90(H)MM
Out put 40va
Control box weight 1.45kg
colors Red, pink, L/blue, Ivory
Remark- on-off foot switch is optional

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