BNX KOREA MANUFACTURER에 Rhinestone sticker, Fancy stone sticker (Glitter bead sticker), Nail sticker, Nail art product(Nail art equipment), Nail drill, Nail grinder & Tip cutter, Health product(Digital acupuncture device, electric reflexology device)

Family : We manage the company like a family and we care all each other. So, you will receive family-like service always.

Moral : We absoultely don’t use your own idea and packing materials because we know you are so scared with them. It will be the minimum moral.

Experience and knowledge : Almost all of our members have enough experience about foreign culture and language. You can easily contact us anytime without any hesitation.

Reliable manufacturing and quality : We have our own production line and QA team for the perfect quality control. Simply, ask and forget it. All done when you need.

Market protection : After the 1st deal, without any notification to you, we don’t sell any products in the same the same country.

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